Procession of Light Torch Lantern Tutorial

The Procession of Light is coming up on Saturday the 20th of October, where you are invited on a lantern-lit walk around Warley Woods as the sun sets.

In these times when so many people have been forced to leave their homes, we’ll be celebrating HOPE, and saying that we want to be part of the restoration that the world needs.


You can make a lantern with us before the walk from 4:30-5:30pm at the Warley Woods Pavilion, thanks to the wonderful support of Near Neighbours, and the Smethwick Craftivistas.

If you’d like to make your own lantern another time, there is a guide below which can also be downloaded on this Torch Lantern Tutorial link.


  • A4 Card (lightweight) or paper – for lantern body
  • Extra card – for lantern base
  • Cardboard (of reasonable thickness such as that from a packing box) – to use when
    making perforations
  • Pencil/pen – to draw design
  • Sharp pencil or darning needle/pin – to make perforations
  • Scissors – to cut out lantern base and designs
  • Glue (Pritt stick or similar) – to join up lantern body and to attach cut out designs
  • Sticky tape – to attach the lantern base to the body (and join lantern together as an
    alternative to glue)
  • Torch – to light up the lantern

Technique 1 – Perforated/Pierced Lantern

1. Use either one A4 sheet of lightweight card or paper. It is easier to make the
perforations on paper using a pencil so this is the best method for younger children.
2. Draw your design directly on to the card or paper. It is best not to draw lines too close
together as this will make the design less clear. You could use words in your design,
pictures or patterns.
3. Place the card or paper on the thicker cardboard, (this allows the sharp pencil or
needle to go through the design) and following the lines of the design make holes
(perforations) using the pencil/needle. The holes should be evenly spaced, not too
close together and not too far apart.
4. When you have finished perforating the design roll the paper/card into a cylinder and
join the two edges together, using either glue or sticky tape. The edges should
overlap by about 1cm.
5. Cut out a circle from the extra card, approximately 11cm in diameter, this will form the
base of the lantern.
6. Make tabs around the circle by cutting in about 1cm. These tabs fold in so you can
attach the base to the main body of the lantern.
7. In the centre of the base draw around the handle/base of your torch and cut out. Be
careful not to make this too big, if the torch won’t fit through make some slits around
the hole.
8. Attach the base to the main body of the lantern by glueing or taping the tabs to the
side of the cylinder. It is easier to do this with the tabs on the outside of the lantern
but if you have fiddly fingers you can attach them on the inside.
9. Slide the torch in from the open end of the cylinder, switch on and you are ready for
the procession of light!

Technique 2 – Shadow Lantern

1. Use a piece of A4 paper as the main body of the lantern, to this you will add your
design cut from lightweight card.
2. Draw your design, pattern or text on the lightweight card and cut out.
3. Using the pritt/glue stick attach the design to the paper.

To complete follow steps 4 – 8 from technique 1

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